Dina DeSarno

dina desarnoDina is the owner, operator and main stylist here at Dina Studios!
Dina has been doing hair for over 27 years, is a certified colour technician and formerly worked as an instructor for Goldwell.
Although she specializes in colour techniques and colour correction, Dina’s abilities are endless.
She approaches every client with a unique touch to ensure her client’s styles and personality are exhibited through their hair.
Dina’s clients can visually see her passion for her career in everything she does and her own personality is what draws you into her chair!
She is caring, compassionate and just the right amount of nutty!
Dina is much more than a fantastic stylist to her clients; her clients know that when they come to the salon Dina will always be there to welcome them as their friend and support, as well as provide you with more than a little bit of comic relief.
She is a major people person; she is always looking forward to meeting new clients and together, Dina and Shia work hard to make sure their clients feel as if the salon is their home away from home; an environment where they can feel total comfort and relaxation.


Shia is an incredible up and coming stylist here at Dina Studios!
Shia has a very colourful, enthusiastic and caring personality, which in turn invites our clients to feel comfortable while at the salon.
Her bubbliness and sense of humour will always greet you at the door and captivate you throughout your appointment.
Meeting our clients needs is very important to Shia; she is constantly coming up with fresh ideas and continuously partakes in classes to expand both her knowledge and abilities.
Her creativity is always evident through her work and her advice is regularly welcomed by our clients.
She is not only a fantastic assistant, but her own up and coming stylist who specializes in anything from extensions to eyelashes.
Her services are an important part of what makes our salon such a valuable establishment to our current and future clients.
Shia is always looking to expand her clientele and would be thrilled to guide you through your next salon experience!

Our mission

Is to provide a friendly, personalized service through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals.

Teamwork is our most valuable asset which ensures our clients are always number one, while dedication to education and innovation will sustain our future growth to stay ahead of market requirements.

  • We promise to¬†pay close attention to the details of your service
  • Maintain the highest standard¬†in the cleanliness of our salon
  • Exceed your expectations, and keep you coming back for more!

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