5 hairstyling essentials

Creating that perfect look takes a little personality, some inspiration and some really great products and tools! This list will help you get that great look everyday with these top 5 essentials for hairstyling.

  1. A High Quality Hair Dryer
    1. This may come as a surprise but many people are still using sub-par hairdryers. With so many great dryers on the market, why suffer? Depending on your hair length and thickness, you can have a hairdryer that fits for your hair perfectly. My recommendation would be the BaByliss Pro Ceramix Extreme Hair Dryer.
  2. A Versatile Flat Iron
    1. Your flat iron is one appliance that you should never go without or cheap out on. Available in widths from ¾” mini to the large 2’ there is a flat iron for everybody. Depending on your needs, there are some models with curved edge plates that will even help curl and wave your hair. Wet-to-dry irons are great for those of you who don’t have time to blow dry before straightening. Keep in mind though that every flat iron needs a safe place to rest, so don’t forget your heatproof mat! Don’t forget that you should look for a 2 year warranty too! My recommendation would be the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth+.
  3. Heat Protectant
    1. You know you would turn up your flat iron to 600° if you could, but have you ever thought about what the flat iron does to your hair? I’ve got you covered. You can protect your hair as you straighten. Most of today’s hair protectants are loaded with good-for-you heat activated ingredients that don’t just protect your hair from the high temperatures of hair dryers and flat irons, they actually increase the health of your hair as you style. My recommendation would be the Awapuhl Mirrorsmooth High Gloss Primer.
  4. Round Barrel Hair Brush
    1. A necessity for every hairstyle, and best friend to your hairdryer is a round barrel brush. Bonus points here for a round barrel brush that is ceramic and ionic. The more negative ions the better. With an ionic brush, negative ions are created from the heat of the blow dryer heating the brush. What’s so great about these negative ions? The brush promotes the moisture to be sealed into the hair cuticle, and the ions allow the brush to slip easily through the hair without pulling or snagging. This versatile brush makes it so easy to straighten or curl, you need it to make your hairstyles complete. Likewise, you want a brush with natural hair bristles. My recommendation would be the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round.
  5. Volumizing Spray
    1. Finally, my last hairstyling essential that I use on almost all my clients is a volumizing spray. Use this to help you make carefree curls, a smooth straighten, or even to bring your hairdo to the next level. My recommendation would be the KMS Volumizing Spray.

With these five essentials your hair will look like a million bucks and wo doesn’t want that?

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