5 hairstyles for an interview

When you’re on the job hunt you want to make your best mark when getting interviewed. Not only do you want your abilities to stand out, you want to make sure you look professional and clean. These 5 hairstlyes are my recommendation to show the interviewer that you are the professional they are looking for.

  1. Buns
    1. Everyone knows how easy and elegant a bun is, and the smoother the better. Buns don’t have to be positioned at the nape of your head either. A nice low side bun with side swept bangs can give a natural, flattering style that’s sure to get you noticed.
  2. Updos
    1. You can (almost) never go wrong with an updo for an interview or even everyday at work. Curly updos always look better that a straight updo, so go for the curls if your style needs to be revamped, or simply re-freshened.
  3. Low Ponytails
    1. I know ponytails can get a bad rap, but this easy style is good for both straight or curly hair. The reason it gets a bad rap is when the ponytail gets frizzy, so make sure you add a little oil, gel or serum to your hair to add the finishing touches.
  4. Chignon
    1. A chignon is very similar to low buns and low ponytails. They are usually worn low and pinned under. While chignons look fantastic with flowers or blingy pins, I would avoid them for the interview as they hair looks beautiful naturally.
  5. Natural Down

I saved the best for last as this one often gets looked over. You should never feel like you have to hide your curls when on an interview. The biggest concern is keeping the hair out of your beautiful face! Just add a little gel or hairspray before you go and make sure that the weathe

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