5 Back-To-School Hair Styles

I know that when school comes around you need hairstyles that are beautiful and sometimes quick and easy. An added bonus is when the hair is out of your face and can last all day without fixing it every ten minutes. This list has 5 pretty, simple hairstyles for going back to school.

  1. Ombre
    1. Ombre colouring is not only beautiful, but it is super easy. Sometimes called the “dip and dye” process, an ombre hair colour is one that starts with one shade at the base and gradually blends into another one at the ends. You can make your look into ombre with either short or long hair. TIP: The hottest ombres for the school yearare dark at the base and fade to blonde at the end.
  2. Bouncy Beach
    1. Flowing and loose curls are trending for one simple reason: its super easy to do! This hairdo features curls flowing down the back and sides like waves from the ocean. You can do this with either a curling iron or a wet braid over night. TIP: Be sure to give your hair a quick spritz with some styling product while the curls are setting.
  3. Rope Braid Ponytail
    1. This look is very sleek and put together, and is definitely more interesting than a regular ponytail. By separating your ponytail into two sections, and twisting them in the same directions, you can make this sleek look for the new school year.
  4. Braided Headband
    1. If you have long hair, this is a really fun style to do. It can be do by just taking a section of your hair, braiding it and pinning it across your hair! TIP: You can wear a few wefts of extensions as a headband if you don’t have long hair.
  5. The Braided Space Buns
    1. This classic look has been making steps back into 2017 with a couple new additions. This can be easily done by putting your hair into two high ponytails and braiding them. After you make them into a bun and bobby pin it into place.

There you go, 5 hairstyles for back to school that everyone will be jealous of!

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